ScheduleOnline - Personal Management

Create and assign to-do's

  • Create to-do's for unscheduled activities.
  • Prioritize importance (high, medium, low).
  • Organize your to-do's in different categories.
  • Select a due date.
  • Indicate completed to-do's.
  • View unfinished to-do's, which roll over into the next day's schedule of events.
  • Assign to-do's to others in your company, group, or contact list.
  • Organize your ongoing to-do's.
  • Have access to your to-do lists from any computer with Internet access.
  • Organize delegation of to-do's in an efficient way.
Create daily notes
  • Create self-reminding notes on particular days.
  • Have access to your notes from any computer with Internet access.
Create and share memos
  • Create easily accessible memos with content that is not tied to a particular date.
  • Organize your memos in different categories.
  • Share memos with others.
  • Send automatic emails when shared memo changes.
  • Have access to your memos from any computer with Internet access.
  • Have immediate access to the latest version of shared information.
Create and share contacts
  • Import your contacts from ASCII text or leading calendar and PIM applications.
  • Search, sort, and add address book data.
  • Categorize your contacts.
  • Upload a picture for each contact.
  • Email to anyone in your address book by clicking on an email address.
  • Share contacts among people of the businesses, communities, groups and contacts to which you belong.
  • Invite people to become members of your community or shared group.
  • Invite people for meetings directly out of your contacts.
  • Add people to your personal group.
  • Have access to your address book from any computer with Internet access and wireless devices, such as an Internet-capable cell phone. Create a contacts directory for new employees.
Create and share bookmarks
  • Create bookmarks of the sites of your choice.
  • Share bookmarks with your colleagues, family and friends.
  • Easily access the sites of your choice on any computer with Internet access.
  • Enable others to easily visit the same sites you deem important.
Post events and bulletins
  • Post events for viewing by entire organizations; group, community, or department members, or by individuals who do not subscribe to ScheduleOnline.
  • Add events you'd like to attend in your own calendar so that the event times are blocked. Automatically receive warnings if they conflict with pre-existing calendar items.
  • Post news bulletins in the same fashion.
  • Publish dates and information about "what's going on" in your company to specific groups of people or to the public at large with the click of a button.
  • Easily add pre-defined event data to your own calendar.

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