ScheduleOnline - Additional Features

Administer people, departments, shared groups, communities, resources

  • Have centralized administration of sensitive data of people, departments, communities, shared groups, and resources.
  • Assign access levels to people (i.e. administrator, scheduler, and attendee).
  • Limit administration functionality to a few people.
  • Post company or community events and news, such as a company picnic or blood drive, which individuals can later add to their calendar.
  • Limit scheduling and sharing privileges to appropriate people.
  • Work in a controlled environment, safeguarding critical information, such as listings of people, departments, or resources.
  • Inform your colleagues of upcoming events, which they will place in their calendar with all relevant data that you provide.
  • Customize the look and feel of your ScheduleOnline desktop by choosing from a wide variety of background colors and pictures.
  • Customize the My Start Page
  • Create the look and feel that best compliments your personality.
  • View all the information you need in a single page.
Print calendars as PDF files
  • Print or save your calendars as PDF files, using customized color schemes and background pictures.
  • Have a nicer format when printing from your browser.
  • Email your calendars to others for quick communication, or archive your calendars on your own computer for future reference, backup, or file to send to others.
Scalable technology
  • ScheduleOnline runs on Oracle servers and powerful Sun computers with real time back up.
  • Use ScheduleOnline with optimal speed and security.

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